• Q-1: How do I download the movies?
  • After purchasing your order, a download window will pop up prompting you to choose a place to store the movie on your Hard Drive (remember where you download it of course!). Then, the download will start. Visit "How to Download" page for more donwload information.

    Vist "How to Download" for more information.

  • Q-2: Why is my download speed very slow?
  • Your Internet connection speed will affect the speed of downloading our movie files. You may want to consider upgrading your Internet service to broadband or DSL. There is also the possibility that the networks to our server may become congested due to internet traffic during peak hours. As such, try avoiding using the service on peak times such as, from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am.

  • Q-3: How come my downlaod stops in the middle of download?
  • Your browser's cache size may be set to a smaller size than the files you are trying to download.

    Here is how to change this setting

    1. On your browser open, open the Tools menu and choose the Internet Options. 

    2. On the General Tab, under Under "Temporary Internet Files," click the button labeled "Settings" as highlighted in the picture. 

    3. In the Settings box, under Amount of disk space to use, you can slide the bar to the right to increase the amount of disk space used by your Temporary Internet Files folder.

    *Change the ammount of disk space to larger size than the files being downloaded.

    4. Click OK, and then click OK again.

    We also recommend that you clear your browser's cache to free up some space on your computer.

  • Q-4: How come my downloaded file size is small ?
  • If the file you downloaded is smaller than the size that was displayed, your download may have been unsuccessful. If so, clear your cache and cookies; and download the file again from your account page. If your browser's cache size is set to a smaller size than the files you are trying to download, the download can also fail. Simply change the cache size to a larger size than the files being downloaded.

    Please check "How to Change the Cache Size Setting"

  • You can browse our "Help Center" from the upper left menu or simply E-MAIL us with your question or concern at: [email protected]